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Oak Refrigeration and Air Conditioning ltd offer complete turn key solutions to:

  • Retail,
  • Commercial and
  • Industrial companies.

Our design and project team offer bespoke solutions using the latest refrigerants, machinery and control/monitoring technologies. We believe reliability is the most important factor; this is achieved by sound design practices combined with professionally fitted installations and fully commissioned systems. All of our systems are supported by our 24 hour service department.
Our areas of expertise are very diverse and cover some of the following areas:

  • Racked food distribution and storage facilities
  • Product Blast chilling and Freezing
  • Retail display refrigeration and back of store storage solution
  • Kitchen and catering storage facilities
  • Bespoke Refrigeration and temperature controlled solutions

We have extensive knowledge in the design and installation of cold rooms, each and every cold room supplied and installed by Oak is installed to a high standard by our qualified fitters who craft the cold room panels to ensure your cold room is finished and trimmed to suit the location it is being installed.
We offer a wide range of cold rooms for various purposes, temperatures and configurations to meet most applications. Some of the applications we install cold room panels comprise of:-

  • Clean Rooms
  • Food preparation rooms
  • Hot rooms - culture growing rooms
  • Hospital close control blood and drug storage rooms
  • Low static rooms for chemical product storage
  • Food - Kitchen storage facilities
  • Food - Distribution facilities
  • Blast Chilling and Freezing facilities

We pay particular attention to the finish details of our cold rooms to ensure that the wall and ceiling panels can cleaned and sanitised with ease.
Particular attention is paid to areas where it is possible for dust, bacteria and other foreign objects to become trapped or difficult to clean.
All of our high temperature cold rooms and preparation rooms are supplied with a two part cove system for the wall to wall joints and wall to ceiling joints. The cove allow a radius corner to be formed for easy maintenance and cleaning purposes.
Internal wall linings provided as standard are PVC hard wearing white food safe linings which are bonded onto the galvanised internal metal substrate to provide a hard wearing corrosion resistant finish. Other finishes are available upon request including stainless steel or glass board where impact loads are exposed to the internal faces of the cold room panels.
We offer several core insulation materials which are used to provide the strength and insulation properties of the cold room. Due to recent developments in panel insulation materials we strongly recommend the use of PIR insulated panels which are normally accepted by insurance companies. Panels of alternative insulation properties can be offered at a capital saving although the trade off of heat loss and fire classification suitability of the panels should be considered when reviewing your insurance and building control submission.
Our engineers carefully select the panel thicknesses not only to meet the BS476 and BS2502 but to also ensure minimal heat loss is achieved when the room is operational.
We offer various door options to meet your requirements, these are generally either hinged or slider configuration. Automatic kits can also be supplied for most door configurations to allow auto opening and closing.

Kitchen and Laundry Equipment

We do carry out the following work:

  • Supply, installation and repair of various laundry machines.
  • Supply, installation and repair of commercial kitchen equipments
  • Supply, installation and repair of commercial kitchen electronics.
  • Supply, installation and repair of steam heated and LPG equipments.

Generator Sets

We do carry out the following work:

  • Supply of standby and duty generators sets
  • Design, Installation of automatic change over switch
  • Repair and maintenance of prime mover
  • Sound proofing of generator housing.